Why I Canceled My Wired Magazine Subscription

Tyler and I both tend to love nerdy things. We love computers, technology, gadgets and Wired Magazine has always been something we both enjoy. Now, in reality, we rarely find the time to read an entire issue, but usually one of us reads the best bits of it and fills the other in on all of the interesting stuff.

If you’ve never read Wired, it’s a techy-type magazine. Their website tagline is: Business meets Technology. Culture Meets Design. Science Meets Tomorrow.

It’s always been edgy and I don’t always agree with their opinions about all things, but this month’s issue had me floored.

Sitting down with my cup of coffee this morning, I didn’t happen to see the incredibly small type on the front that said “Mature Content. Reader Discretion Advised.” I proceeded to peruse the magazine. I usually skip the beginning where there are more opinions and head to the main stories in the middle to back of the magazine.

What I caught a glimpse of was shocking: a completely naked man. I closed the magazine and threw it across the table at my husband.

“I just saw a naked man in Wired!” I exclaimed.

He was sure that I was mistaken, because Wired isn’t that kind of magazine. It’s not porn – it’s definitely NOT a playboy. So, he flipped to where I was looking and immediately shut the magazine.

“Did you see it?!” I asked him.

“No, but I did see other nudity in there,” he replied.

I looked at the cover again and after looking closely, was shocked to find the small disclaimer on the front – in silver-ish gray type on a bright yellow cover. It’s hardly noticeable.


Now, here are my two cents on the issue: We don’t agree with porn in any form. We think it’s unhealthy and damaging to relationships and to people in general.

Agree with me or not, that’s your choice.

You have the right to buy and read a magazine with any content you choose.

However, I don’t think that a magazine should be able to randomly throw an issue into their rotation that includes pornography and use a tiny disclaimer on the cover. I lay these magazines on the side table next to my couch when they come in the mail! My kids could easily pick it up and glance through it and I wouldn’t have worried because usually the pictures are robots and gadgets and computers.

If you’re going to be that kind of magazine, market yourself as that kind of magazine. But, don’t market yourself as “Business Meets Technology” and then include multiple (I have no idea exactly how many – I never opened it again) pornographic images in your magazine.

I ripped it up, threw it away and proceeded to cancel my subscription. How am I supposed to know how often these kinds of issues are going to be thrown in and why would I want to waste my money on a magazine I refuse to read? It was an easy question for us to answer.

We might miss some of the fun tech-y stories, but hopefully others are doing the same and Wired will receive plenty negative feedback and cancellations due to this issue.

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  1. Thank you for writing so much more eloquently than I could, about why you cancelled Wired magazine. I was very upset to see what was in this issue, which is in a family home with young children who could have innocently seen something they could not ‘un-see’. I purchased my subscription as a school fundraiser, and cancelled right away upon flipping through this month’s issue. I hope more people speak out about the wrongness of what Wired magazine did. Blessings to you.

  2. Thank you! I’m glad that I’m not the only one that found this issue of Wired disgusting. I’m just glad I didn’t let my 9 and 11 y/o girls go to the mailbox yesterday and pull the mail. I bought Wired as part of their school fundraiser right along with Popular Science and Discovery to share in all things 21st C. technology with them. I threw the issue out and won’t renew.

  3. I agree 1000%!!!!
    I just emailed the editor and let them know I didn’t appreciate slipping that trash into my home disguised as a technology magazine. I have 3 little girls in my home and thank goodness I looked at it first. It went straight into my wood stove and cancelled my subscription. Thanks for writing this. At least I’m not the only one mad about this. As a father I would never knowingly bring something like this into my home. I am so ashamed of wired magazine and the people who make it.

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