when you don’t write a blog for almost two months

I wish I had a great excuse for why there has been nothing new on our blog for almost two months. But, I don’t. The truth is (and this blog is all about sharing the truth) that it has been the busiest few months of our entire life – literally. We’ve had event after event after event and are just beginning to dig out from the mess that has accumulated in our lives.

And the sad thing is, we love this blog. It’s something we’ve been dreaming about doing together for years, but somehow it was easy to put on the shelf.

A blog doesn’t beg you to fill it’s sippy cup.

A blog doesn’t need you to wipe its bottom every. single. day.

A blog can be ignored for days upon days without whining or complaining.

And so, here we are – finally getting back to writing and excited about all of the things we want to share with you all.

Stay tuned. Hopefully we’re back in business.

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