Things I Find Around My House | In the Dryer

Have you ever opened your dryer or washer to find something you didn’t expect?  You know those times you forget to check the pockets of your kids pants or maybe your own?

Sometimes the surprise is good –  like money. Other times, the surprise is bad like a pen or chap-stick.

But then sometimes, it is just plain random and weird – like today.

While doing a task both my wife and I despise, I opened up the dryer and found several little tiny objects – several meaning A LOT!

Seeds from who knows where.

We don’t have these in our yard…maybe from our church, maybe from my in-laws. I honestly don’t even know where my kids find these things and why they feel the to collect them?!

Then again, I shouldn’t put it past them because as I write this I recall just a couple months ago I found my boys in the backyard, standing on folding chairs, holding brooms, smacking the brooms against the tree branches, while something fell into plastic bins.


I asked what they were doing and they quickly responded that they were “harvesting the trees”.  I thought about making them stop, but, in all honesty, they weren’t hurting anything, they were having fun, and they were outside doing something together so I say, “Harvest away, my sons.”

If I remember correctly, I even found a moment to run inside and give my wife a quick hug before the kids started fighting again or beating each other with those same brooms. 😉

So embrace those rare moments where your kids aren’t fighting, hug your spouse, and remind yourself that those random seeds you found in the dryer represent a “treasure”- something important enough that they filled their pockets with them.

What was the craziest thing you’ve found in your washer/dryer?

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