When writing about real life sucks.

Real lifeish. That’s what we named this blog. When we did it, I intended to share the real parts of our life. You know, dirty dishes, funny kid anecdotes, even home renovation mistakes. The really real stuff. I thought, “We won’t filter our life and make it seem like Pinterest.” We’ll be authentic and honest. Never did I think that it might mean sharing tragedy and really hard things. I struggled with whether to even write this. But, it didn’t feel right to have a blog about real life and then leave out one of the most impacting experiences of our life. So, here it is. Life after a Miscarriage – Part 1 Well, at least I can go eat sushi. That was one of my first thoughts when it finally sunk in that we had lost our 18 week old baby. Sushi. Really? I’m not sure why this popped […]

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