A Very Ninjago Birthday

For the first few years having kids, I was able to pick their birthday party themes. Dr. Seuss, pirates, race cars. Subtly, I could sway them to pick a theme I liked or one that I had lots of good ideas. This year, my middle child (the stubborn one) turned four and everything changed. Six months ago he announced that he wanted a “Ninjago” birthday party and I was fairly certain that I could change his mind. As his birthday approached, he was still resolute. Ninjago. Ninjago? Really? What about a chef party? Or an artist party? Ninjago was not my favorite pick. At all. I don’t love cartoon themed parties anyway, but this one just felt like it was a fad – something they will like today and forget tomorrow. But, he was convinced and I’m a big fan of letting kids have an opinion and making their birthday […]

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