making mistakes | the demise of my favorite mug

I do not like making mistakes.

I don’t know if anyone really does, but I hate it.

I kick myself over and over again. This is something I’m working on – accepting that I can’t do it all. I’m in the process of thinning out some things and not putting so much pressure on myself. It’s part perfectionism and part that I want to do everything!

It’s always been my desire to be a “Renaissance woman” – you know, someone who can manage to do it all – and do it all well.

Screen Shot 2015-02-16 at 7.30.01 PM

Of course, that’s unrealistic and I’m slowly learning that fact.

Nothing ruins my perceptions of my own self-sufficiency more than when I do something that is just a really bonehead mistake.

Last week was one of those days.

I had the boys at home all day on Tuesday while Tyler was at ASU meeting students and getting ready for our weekly gathering. I ran errands in the morning and took the boys to eat some lunch and play at a play place. I brought my new incredibly awesome coffee cup filled with delicious coffee from my house and sat and watched the boys play.

contigo coffee mug(Brief note: this coffee cup is INCREDIBLE. No one asked me to say this – I genuinely just love this mug. I got one for Tyler for Christmas and he loved it so much, he bought one for me a few weeks later. They are the best investment – especially if you love your coffee hot like us. You can get your own here – you will not regret it. *Affiliate link)

It was time to leave and as I tried to load everyone up in the van, my hands were full so I set my lovely, shiny coffee mug on the hood of the van right by the windshield wiper. (I’m sure you’re guessing the rest of this tragic story).

Somehow I made it from the restaurant to my house just fine, but forgot about the coffee cup. Later that night, I left to head to our weekly gathering on the ASU campus and just as I was getting on the freeway, I saw my beloved mug – right there on the hood. I quickly tried to think of how I could pull over and grab it, but just as I had the thought, it went flying off the hood down the 202 freeway – never to be seen again.

I wanted to pull over and jump out and go rescue my cup, but in my mind I could just hear the news headlines: Chandler Woman Run Over While Rescuing Coffee Cup! Bad idea.

Now, a rational person would realize that it was just a cup, but not me. I cried all the way to ASU. I was so sad. I loved that cup!

I called Tyler and started the call by saying, “I just did something really dumb and I’m really upset.

I proceeded to tell him what happened and he laughed. He laughed. He said by the way I was talking he thought I had done something really horrible. Apparently, this did not rank on his scale of dumb mistakes.

Looking back I see that it wasn’t as bad as I made it out to be. We all make mistakes – especially when we are trying to juggle a lot of things simultaneously. It was a cup – not a kid, right?

My hubby even saw my cup on the side of the on-ramp and pulled over and grabbed it. Here is what was left:

IMGP8364Lesson learned: Great cup, but not indestructible.

Please, tell me I’m not the only one who has done something bone-heady like this…please…

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  1. Let’s go to a worse case scenario (Ok, I guess a kid is worse case)…but how about a phone? Or your purse? Once I left my purse in a cart in the Wal-Mart parking lot and drove away. I have SO been there! Let’s be thankful it was only a shiny new cup, and not a shiny new iPhone! haha. I think us busy, pre-occupied moms have all been there! What’s actually beyond impressive is that it made it home from the restaurant, and even more so that Tyler found it on the side of the freeway!

    1. If we lose the kids off the hood of our car we will have to change the name of our blog to Real Life in the Slammer or Real Life from Behind Bars. Guessing the cops have something to say about a kid being placed properly inside our minivan. As for the cell phone just the thought of losing my iPhone makes me start to twitch Andrea. So did you get your purse back after leaving it in the Wal-Mart parking lot?

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