Let me tell you about my weakness

We told you from the beginning that this blog was about real life and sadly life isn’t always about flowers and roses.  In fact sometimes it feels and looks more like weeds and dirt.

We all have our weak points and mine (one of mine)  just happens to be yard work and more specifically: weeds.

Most of the year I can hide this problem, but then Springtime rolls around (yes, we live where it’s already in the 70s – sorry to all of you stuck in the snow) and this issue becomes very visible.  In all honesty, I always tackle my front yard first because I don’t want to pay an HOA fine.

If you are brave enough to venture into my backyard, you might want to pack your machete so you don’t get lost in the jungle.  I might be slightly exaggerating, but just to prove the depth of my issues, I snatched a quick pic to show you just how long it has been – and this is just around the pool.weedsThey are taller than my children.

The good thing is, I have an amazing wife who knows my weakness and encourages me to take care of the things I don’t always love or enjoy doing.  She pushes me to work on my weaknesses and not just this one.  (And by pushes me, I mean she plans birthday parties in our backyard which give me a hard deadline for having this mess cleaned up)

Living life alongside a person who will push you is vital and will make you a stronger and better person.  You see, a true friend doesn’t just tell you to work on your weaknesses, but they throw on the gloves and they venture into the fun, beautiful and even the messy with you.  So last night not only did I have my wife next to me helping with the weeds, but I had my kids there as well.

paxweedsI am so thankful for the beauty, the weeds and especially for my family.

Now, if only I could get my lawn mower to start. That’s a whole other issue.

Are there any tasks or chores you completely avoid until they you can’t possibly put them off any longer?

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