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Sometimes my wife is watching the boys while I work, other times we are both with them, and then there are those OTHER times when it’s my turn.  I don’t claim to be like one of the dads from the movie, “Moms Night Out,” who have zero clue about how to take care of his kids and freak out when it’s game time.

I know how to change a diaper, make a baby bottle, fill-up the dishwasher and my kids have never locked me up. I can tuck my kids into bed and even make a basic meal (notice how I said basic because I am nowhere near the cook my wife is).  BUT, there is something crazy that seems to always happen when I have the kids.

For example…

The other day, Paige had to leave town for some work stuff, we were out of milk, I had to run across town, so I fueled up the minivan and set sail.  I have the drop off for our oldest son, Zander, down so that was a piece of cake and driving across town wasn’t bad either as the tunes were turned up and the kids were singing.  It was smooth sailing until I got a call from my son’s school.

When I see the school’s number show up on my phone, a thousand thoughts fly through my mind as I go to push the green answer button (is he ok?… what did he do?…).

I quickly found out my son had not lost a limb or received a deep gash as the receptionist answers the call saying, “Your son is okay. We just called to notify you that he doesn’t have a lunch.”

The thought goes through my head, “How did this important detail slip my mind and why can’t I blame it on baby brain?”

Luckily, the school has extra lunches parents can purchase for $5 so I went with the easy option (nice to know I’m not the only parent who has done this).

After this, I took the two youngest boys (age 1 and 3) to Walmart to visit the toy section and grab some milk. While looking at toys, Pax yelled down the aisle that he needed to go potty, so we immediately started moving in that direction.

(Maybe it is just my boys, but it seems like every time we enter into a store a magic button inside of them is pushed and they have to go pee.)

We all made it to the bathroom door and Pax darted in to start the process while I removed our youngest from a shopping cart buckle that was built like Fort Knox (you know those kind with three buttons and sticky juice that has hardened).

I got him out of the cart and entered into the men’s restroom where at first glance all appeared normal.  That was until my son (standing at the urinal) said, “Will you check my bottom“?




Yep, you did manage to go poop in the urinal.

My jaw dropped, I took a breath, wiped a bottom, snapped a quick pic for proof, and cleaned things up before anyone entered into the bathroom.


While washing my hands I explained to my son why we shouldn’t poop in urinals.  He genuinely had no idea this wasn’t allowed and so this turned into a learning moment for him.

As I look back on this day, I learned something, we both (young and old) need grace and we will both make mistakes again.

Extend a little extra grace to those around you today and don’t forget to extend it to yourself – and remember, at least you didn’t have to clean poo out of a urinal today.

Do you have a crazy bathroom story from your kid(s)?

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