welcome to real lifeish

Writing the very first post on a blog is hard. It’s like the awkward first moments meeting someone. Sizing them up, first impressions, small talk. Bleh. I read once that it only takes someone 7 seconds to decide if they like you or not. Hopefully you’re still reading. It’s probably already been 7 seconds and you’ve already decided whether to read on or give up and go directly to Pinterest. Anyway, welcome to Real Lifeish. This is our blog – we’re a husband and wife team who are both WAHP (work at home parents) who had the dream of blogging together about our life, our kids and our thoughts. We came up with the name because we wanted to make sure and share the good, the bad and the messy. We have 3 little boys (ages 6, 3 & 1), so our home is filled with plenty of noise, smells, […]

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