Days With Dad | You Did What?

Sometimes my wife is watching the boys while I work, other times we are both with them, and then there are those OTHER times when it’s my turn.  I don’t claim to be like one of the dads from the movie, “Moms Night Out,” who have zero clue about how to take care of his kids and freak out when it’s game time. I know how to change a diaper, make a baby bottle, fill-up the dishwasher and my kids have never locked me up. I can tuck my kids into bed and even make a basic meal (notice how I said basic because I am nowhere near the cook my wife is).  BUT, there is something crazy that seems to always happen when I have the kids. For example… The other day, Paige had to leave town for some work stuff, we were out of milk, I had to run across […]

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